Jase From Duck Dynasty Won The $488M Powerball Last Week

So this is one of the guys that won that $488 Million Powerball jackpot that was supposed to be mine??  This will probably be the first and last time I say this, but I’m actually ok with a Duck Dynasty lookalike winning my money.  Firejam press conference.  The night before the drawing I was failing miserably at falling asleep, so I ran through my winning press conference in my head.  It was pretty much like this except without sad stuff and I would have been already drunk and in my “Hooper drives the boat, Chief” tank top.  Even got a camo bucket hat to go with it all.  This guy sounds like he actually deserves it.  Well done, Powerball.

PS – It’s not really Jase, Boone.  Just like Duck Dynasty isn’t actually real.


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